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The Eternity Project

(searching for something eternal since the beginning of time)

21 March 1974
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WARNING: My journal may contain adult themes including sex and violence and involve open liberal views such as support of gay rights and discussion of sex (both gay and het) and BDSM. my journal may also contain rants and ramblings and serious Deep Thoughts on a myriad of subjects that plagues my psyche. also, mostly, i complain alot, but hey it's my journal.

While not quite a "Revolutionary" girl, i am somewhat of a "Wonder Woman" - i am 35 yrs old and work full time (grave shift), i teach my 8yr old about life, play with my 8yr old, make sure my 8yr old does not hurt himslef, go places like the beach or duck pond w/ said 8 yrd old, take care of my 2 cats and my son's turtle, cook, do dishes, do laundry, grocery shop, garden, pay bills, balance the check book, make homemade cards, work on my novel, doodle in my sketch pad and make the occasional batch of scones for my husband. i consider any woman who works and plays to her utmost ability and sincerely from her heart a WONDER WOMAN. I call my girlfriends who know what i mean my SUPER LADIES (you know who you are!). Being a Revolutionary Girl is better left for a journal entry. i am obssessed with manga and anime, including the genre of Yaoi or BL (Boys Love - again better left for a journal entry).